Paintings for Sale in Donna's Gallery

Gazebo, Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, rocks, ocean, water, landscape, path, walking trail Monterey, California, rock, water, ocean, blue, landscape, paintingwalking trail, Mt Uniacke, Uniacke Estate Museum Park, lake, water, landscape, painting, trees, oil painting, landcape painting, Donna Muller Sunset, beach, water, wave, ocean, blue, painting, Donna MullerTerence Bay, Lighthouse, painting, Donna Muller, Donna's Gallery, Nova Scotia Evening Light, boat, dock, water, ocean, rock, trees, landscape, small painting, East Dover Mt Uniacke Tree, tree, wishing well, landscape, Nova Scotia, Uniacke Estate Museum ParkHubbards, Nova Scotia, boat, trees, water, dock So Small,  Polly's Cove, rock, trees, walking trail, ocean, blue, painting, landscapeStrandkorb, water, ocean, tree, Relax, lawn chairs, rocking chairs, fire, picnic table, waterSurfing, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, sunset, water, ocean, small painting On Top,  W.Brett Wilson, Fail, Mistakes, Mountain, clouds, paintingAurora, Northern Lights, snow, sky, night, trees, landscape, cold table, front yard, landscape, rose bushes, cat, hat, teapot, book, table cloth, paintingMovement, water, wave, ocean, rock, painting Rock, besnard lake, lake, saskatchewan, water, trees, landscape, wine glasses, blanket, fire, Donna MullerTree, Point Pleasant Park, park, bench, landscape, water, ocean Driftwood, Alberta, water, glaciers, lakePark, Gardens, arch, walking, path, girl, red, brick, fence, West Martello Gardens, Key West, Florida, plein air, painting out house, old house, Key West, Floridachair, poppies, adirondack chair Chair, Florida, Colony Key, palm tree, canal, adirondack, lawn, chairsEagle, water, rock Nova Scotia, beach, water, rocks

Prints for Sale $20.00. Prints in Lobster Trap Frames $75.00.

Prints, Lobster Trap Frame Lobster Trap Frame

Paintings for sale at Granite Spring Golf Club, 4441 Prospect Rd, Bayside, NS
Granite Springs Golf Club.

sunset, water, beach, painting, landscape, Donna Muller kayaking in the fog, kayaking, fog, water, ocean, blue, painting, Donna Muller DongDu, Fred Smithers, Granite Spring, clubhouse, golf, golfing, golf course, bayside, nova scotia, landscape painting, donna muller, oil painting Polly Cove,lady, railing, bush, greenary, landscape, Barbados, painting Red Boat, Peggy's Cove, water, rock, plein air, paintingEvening Kayaking, Kayaking, evening, water, ocean, blue, trees Hearn Island, Nova Scotia, beach, rock, ocean, seaweed, blue, painting, Donna MullerGranite Springs, golf course, rock, driving range, ocean, view, water, landscape painting, Donna Muller, Bayside, DongDu Wave, Atlantic Coast, ocean, rock, water, Nova Scotia, oil painting  Evening sky, sunset, trees, shad bay, ocean, purpleCanoe, sunset, orange, lake, water Polly Cove, painting, landscape, ocean, rock, Nova ScotiaSunsetting, rockies, mountains, lake, tree, dead tree, reflection, landscape, painting, Donna Muller Red Roses, flowers, red, green, baby's breath  lighthouse, trees, Donna's Gallery, rocks, yard, picnic table, landscape, artist, Donna Muller, Bayside mount, uniake, estate, museum, wishingwell, Nova Scotia Prospect, Hurricane Bill, Nova Scotia, waves, wild water, shack, rock, ocean, boat, storm, painting yellow, water, buoy, boatTree, Peggy's Cove Shad bay, doryTerence Bay, wilderness Sailing, palm tree, water, ocean, sandDeer Blue HeronSunset Peggy's Cove, Sunset, rock, lighthouse, landscape, painting, Nova Scotia Prospect, Nova Scotia, Church, water, ocean, landscape, skyTulips, painting, flowers Paintings for sale, artist Donna Muller, robin nest, tree, eggs, blue robin eggs Palm tree, chairs, beach, ocean

Paintings for sale at Tripp's Gallery, 268 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Tripp Gallery

2 The Shacks 002 113-fishing-boatsplein-air-at-peggys-cove-12-x-9-acrylic-150-00 Painting at Peggy's Cove Peggy's Cove.988Welcoming Beauty 8 x 10 acrylic $125.00 wooden canvas Key West, Florida, bike, street, palm tree, yellow housePeggy's Cove  Peggy's Cove in the fog Fixing up as the Peggy Cove painting in the fog cropped 008Whales of Rocks. auto Cranberry CoveWhite Water Lily 2 Green RoofOld Hags Wharf WelcomeHarvest Winter WonderlandAnnapolis Royal Boardwalk Living in Annapolis RoyalDance of the Heron's Statues Historical Garden Entrance croppedPeggy's Cove Sunset 1

Paintings at Shaw's Landing, 6958 Peggy's Cove Road, West Dover, NS
Shaw’s Landing

Peggy's Cove, lighthouse, Nova Scotia, sunset The Dingle, shag, Cormorant, buoy, Nova Scotia, ocean, sunsetting, water, landscape, paintingTouring, Polly Cove, Polly's Cove, Peggy's Cove Tour boat, boat, ocean, rock, hiking trail, painting, Donna Muller Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, lighthouse, ocean, Landscape, walkwayPlein Air, golf course, water, lake, trees, landscape Hearn Island from the rock, beach, sand, rock, trees, water, ocean, Nova Scotia, landscape paintingSunset Sail, orange, painting, Peggy's Cove, boat, rock, sunset Peggy's Cove, walking trail, grass, Nova Scotia, hatPeggy's Cove, sunset, lighthouse, rock, Nova Scotia Sailing, shad bay, ocean, sailboat, Nova ScotiaPeggy's Cove, Boat Tour, rock, ocean, boat, landscape Seagull, rock, waterEagle, bald eagle, painting, wildlife, Nova Scotia Egypt Falls, Nova Scotia, Fall colours, waterfall, rocks, logs, driftwoodgrapes, jug, apple, still life Eagle in Flight, Eagle, bald eagle, wildlife, painting, donna mullerfishing, sun, water, boat Air canada, plane, sky, cloudsPeggy's Cove, sunset shaw-landing-paintings-019