Paintings in Private Collection

Florence painting, Donna Muller, Florence, Italy, Florence bridges, bridges, cathedral, river, evening, sunset, landscape Gondola, Venice, Italy, artist Donna Muller, landscape, canals, bridge, buildingsHavixbeck, Germany, castle, moat, water, green, park, grounds, weeping willow Crashing waves, rock, water, high head, prospect, Nova Scotia, artist Donna Muller, ocean, oil painting, landscape painting, ocean paintingMount Uniake, Estate, lake, museum, Nova Scotia, walk, path, trees, Mount Uniake Estate Museum Ocean, water, waves, beach, artist Donna Muller, commission paintingsHawaii, ocean, water, rock, north shore Snorkling, hawaii, family, sunrise, ocean, Donna MullerLaRonge, wadin bay, sunset, rock, trees, Saskatchewan, Lac La Ronge Provincal Park Hawaii, North Shore, sunset Kayaking, ocean, gull rocksCoffee Tea Venice, Street, boat, cityscape Sailing, Switzerland, mountainswater lily, purple wine, glass, grapes, paintingpalm trees, beach, Barbados, waves, ocean Greece, athens, landscape, ruinsHawaii, surfing, ocean surfboard, ocean, waves surfing, hawaii, wave, ocean, painting Beach, running, logs, driftwood, Washington Hurricane bill, Hurricane, lighthouse, Peggy's Cove, crashing waves, Nova Scotiaglaciers, glacier lake, tree, water, lake, BC, British Columbia, painting Waterfall, old growth, trees, landscapeBC, British Columbia, lake, mountain, Rocky Mountains, trees, landscape, painting, Donna Muller Rocky Mountains, Mountains, lake, landscape, dead wood, treesurfing, Lawrence Town, ocean, waves, painting Driftwood, beach, ocean, landscape painting, oil paintingDriftwood, BC, lake, glacier, Mountain Ice Cream, Europe, eatingRock, Ocean, Polly's Cove Landscape, Polly's Cove, Nova Scotia, ocean, rock lighthouse, ocean, winter, snow, rock, shad bay bird house, winter, snow, cold camping, milk, picnic table, trees, Ice fishing, frozen, mountains, lake, drill, albertaFalls, water, driftwood Rose, vase Lady in Red, Red, paintingThinking, sitting, rock, Greece, Olympia Fishing, boat, water, treesJug, green Blue heron, water, rose bushDonna's Gallery, Artist Donna Muller, Donna's Cottage Rental, Cottage, flag, lighthouse, landscape, ocean, water, trees, shad bay Donna's Cottage Rental, Donna's Gallery, wharf, Bay, water, trees, ocean, Artist Donna MullerFarm, cows, overhauls burning barrel, barrel, cow, trees, Rocks, thinking, sitting Bayside, Nova Scotia, bridge, water, ocean, sign, rocks, bowl, cherries, saying, brown Hummingbird, flowerWine, glass, grapes, table planter, pot, day lilies, lily, rock, Donna's Gallery, Donna Mullermonterey, walkway, beach, stroller Kingfisher, canada, flag, painting, flag pole, skyEvening Light, boat, dock, water, ocean, rock, trees, landscape, small painting, East Dover shag, Cormorant, Shad Bay, rock, rocks, trees, landscape  Rock, hike, Polly cove, trees, landscape, ocean, water, trail, Nova Scotia, painting, Donna MullerBig Sur, California, bridge, beach, water, ocean, road, mountains, landscape painting Germany, castle, bricks, turet, lamp, wall, rocks, farm land, paintingRegina Beach, Buena Vista, walk, path, Donna Muller Barbados, water, beach, wave, ocean, rock, landscape, painting Boca Grande, Florida, water, beach, landscape, walking the beach, boat, ocean Beach, Boca Grande, Florida, walk, water, ocean, sand, landscape, oil painting, Donna MullerCalifornia, cypress, water, ocean, landscape, oil painting, Donna Muller, 17 mile drive sunset, water, ocean, blueWater, swimming, nude, lady Oregon, multinoma falls, Columbia River Gorge, Historic Columbia River Highway, driftwood, water, bridge, trees, landscape, painting Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, Lighthouse, Donna MullerShad Bay, Lighthouse, Donna's Gallery, Donna's Cottage Rental, landscape, painting, rocks, trees, water, ocean picnic table, yard, Donna Muller, reflection, seaweed, green blue, tree driftwood, tree trunk, rocks, beach, fog, water, landscape, painting, oil paintingSunset, beach, colony key, dock, tree, sand, man, acrylic painting, Donna Muller cooking, open fire, campfire, fish fry, landscape, rock, besnard lake, tree, painting, Donna MullerJamaica, oil painting, table, landscape, rose bush, water, Ian Fleming, ocean, James Bond, Goldeneye, Oracabessa bay,  Sanible island, florida, beach, water, oceanchild, beach, water, ocean, playing, painting beach, twins, adult, grandpa, water, ocean, waves, florida, sanibel islandBuena Vista, Regina Beach, morning sun, sunrise, trees, water, last mountain lake, saskatchewan artist donna muller Crashing waves, waves, ocean, water rock, fish fry, fire, campfire, water, lake, besnard lake, fishing Eagle, bald eagle, painting, acrylic painting, wildlife Kayaking, Florida  Hurricane Bill, Nova Scotia, wild ocean, waves, high head, rocks dock, boat, pulling, trees, shad bay, ocean, water

Ernest and Lindsay's Collection

Portait painting, Dad's shoes, painting of Kaycee, portrait painting Sunglasses, oil painting, Donna MullerBull riding, rodeo, painting, oil painting, rider, hat, bull Tofino, Vancouver Island, water, trees, landscape, BCKayaking, kayak, together, shad bay, nova scotia, fall, colours, water Florida, Key West, beach, tree, palm tree, Fort Zachary, Fort Zachary beach, paintinggolfing, banff,  Golfing, New Zealandthailand, ocean, boat, beach, sunset Palm Trees, chairs, lawn chairs, water, ocean, sunset, relaxing, landscapeHawaii, rock, wave Sunset, water, Donna Muller

Jody and Myron's Collection

Road, Alberta, okotoks, walk, walking, dog, polls, road, hill, hills, farm yards, acreages Road, okotoks, alberta, acreages, painting, purple     Mountains, landscapeHawaii, Waimea Falls Park, sisters, trees, landscape, painting, Donna Muller okotoks, Alberta, red, barn, road, landscape, hillside, mountains, rocky mountains, cloud, yard sites, houses, landscape paintingBeach, lifejacket, child, portait painting Fishing, boat, life jacket, driving, Preikestolen, rock, water, Norway, landscape Norway, painting, landscape, hiking, rockTrail, road, Alberta, walking, hand in hand, lovers, husband and wife, sky, hill, fense, yellow, blue, landscape, painting, okotoks Bayside, sunrise, sailboat, ocean, landscape, shad bay, Nova Scotia, painting, artist, Donna Muller

Stephanie and Brent's Collection

 Azores, Portugal, water, ocean, cliffs, water Venice, street, sidwalk, bridge, boats, water Lighthouse, rock, wave, Peggy's Cove Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, evening, boats, ocean, Donna Muller, rocks, night, lobster boatsElephant, Thailand, water, landscape, trees Beach, australia, ocean, walkingsmall child, painting, portrait, hat, ride