Commission Paintings

Are you looking for that perfect painting, to fit in a specific spot, which means something to you?

Let Donna help make that happen. Donna paints in oil or acrylic, which ever you perfer. Most paintings take at least a couple of weeks, to a month to paint, and if in oil the drying time makes it longer. Price is depended on size and difficulty, please check out commission pricing for an approximate price. Commission Pricing

Have one of your own pictures created into an original piece of art, a memory keepsake.

Below you will see some paintings and the reference picture used, side by side. 

Commissions done 2017, for a Christmas Present.

 Commission paintings, oil, painting, Donna Muller, landscapepainting, landscape, commission work, donna muller, artist Commission painting, landscape

Two commissions done for a lovely couple, who have wonderful sunsets from their home. They invited Donna over to see the sun setting, and between pictures Donna took and they had, she came up with these two paintings.

Sunset on the Lake, sunset, lake, water, trees, bayside, nova scotia, commissioned, painting Sunset

Sunset, commissioned painting, trees, water, sun, sunsetting, landscape, Donna Muller darlene-and-mikes

Commission done April 2016.

boat, water, trees boat, prospect, Nova Scotia, artist, Donna Muller, Commissioned, Painting Lobster fishing boat, prospect, Nova Scotia

A painting to remind me of the wonderful times, we had fishing at Besnard Lake, Saskachewan, and the wonderful shore lunches we would have.

Shorelunch, besnard lake, saskatchewan, landscape, rock, fish fry, painting, water Besnard Lake, Saskatchewan

Sold their dory and wanted a painting as a keepsake.

 Dory, water, boat, painting  Dory, Nova Scotia, Donna Muller, oil painting

Three small paintings commissioned, memories of their trip to Nova Scotia and PEI.

Acrylic painting, Prince Edward Island, Lighthouse, beach, PEI, landscape Prince Edward Island, lighthouse

PEI, Prince Edward Island, fishing boats, water, Malpeque Harbour PEI, Prince Edward Island, fishing boats

A client requested the above picture to be used, to make a black and white painting, with only one colour, teal, to match their decor.

Malpeque Harbour, PEI, black and white, harbour, boats, water, shacks

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia Artist, acrylic painting, landscape Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

A couple that stayed in Donna's Cottage Rental, took this picture from the loft, and commissioned Donna to do this painting.

full moon, water, trees, Donna's Cottage Rental, Donna Muller sunset, moon, bayside, nova scotia

Commission done for guests that stayed in Donna's Cottage Rental. They fell in love with Terence Bay and had this painting done and shipped to them in Texas, 48" x 24".

Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, beach, rock, lighthouse, water, landscape Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, Commissioned Painting

A memory of the time he tried Bull Riding.

Bull Riding, bull, bronco, hat, riding, rodeo           Bull Riding

Commissioned as a reminder of their trip to the Azores, Portugal.

Azores, Portagal, landscape, water, cliffs Baie de Santa Iria  Azores Portagal.

A trip to Monterey, California, grandpa pushing his grandson in the stroller.

Monterery, California, water, beach, path, sand Donna Muller, Nova Scotia Artist, Monteray, California 

A reminder of our time in Venice and the wonderful ice cream.

Venice, Ice Cream, something sweet, swoon ice cream, Venice

A reminder of a fishing trip.

camping, milk, lanturn, coffee termos, picnic table, cereal, Saskatchewan, Big River, Cowan Lake Picnic table

A reminder of a trip to Olympia, Greece.

Jody Conrad, Olympia Greece, painted by Donna Muller, thinking, rock Jody in Olympia Greece pic

Our first grandchild sitting on the beach in Sanible Island, Florida.

Kaycee Muller, Florida, Sanibel Island, painted by Artist Donna Muller, beach, water, ocean, baby, sand, waves Kaycee the picture

Was commissioned for a present, which she gave to a friend, as a reminder of the wonderful time they had in Jamaica.

Jamica, beach, water, friends, sunglasses, smiles lindsay and Brie pic

Commissioned as a reminder of their time in Australia, walking the beach.

Australia, beach, water, ocean, sand, landscape, painting, Donna Muller   Stephanie Tournier, beach, sand, walking the beach, Australia

First attempt at surfing.

surfing, hawaii, water, wave, acrylic painting, Donna Muller,artist Hawaii, surfing

Walking the beach in BC, collecting shells and driftwood.

Beach, British Columbia, water, ocean, waves, driftwood Stephanie Tournier, Ernest Muller, beach, vancouver island, driftwood, ocean

Commissioned a painting of their sailboat, which they had many happy times on.

Rita Schwartz, John Schwartz, sailboat, Lori Anne, Shad Bay, Ocean, Nova Scotia Artist Donna Muller  Rita & John's sailboat, shad bay, sailing

Travels to BC when the kids where young, many hikes to beautiful waterfalls.

 Waterfall, BC, old growth, forest, trees, family                  1995 Trip to BC

If you would like to have a painting done from a picture please contact Donna Muller.

To see more of Donna Muller's paintings, click on the link below.